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Permission to Dream Big

Just for today, don't give up on your dreams. In fact, imagine increasing the belief in them by one percent....every day. By the end of a year, according to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, #atomichabits the tiny increases will compound and yield a 37.78 % increase. “Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement,” #selfimprovement writes Clear. He uses the 1% Rule to illustrate how an Atomic Habit that drives a 1% improvement scales to massive gains. The inverse is also true...massive worsening. So why not give yourself permission to dream big?#dreambig

When I apply Clear's information of "tiny changes, remarkable results" to dreaming, I'm curious, excited even. As we grow up, our dreams begin dissolving in the teen years. By the time we're into adulthood, dreams are fanciful notions, unattainable and foolish to consider for most. Permission denied!

I, however, am a dreamer and to take action, I've implemented several 10 minute "daydream sessions" to incrementally build the right brain muscle of dreaming big. I set my timer, turned off work thoughts and went to town imagining. My big dreams are to find revolutionary solutions to diseases like Alzheimer's, alcoholism, cancer, etc., and architect an end to the social diseases of human trafficking and child abuse. Smaller dreams include being able to activate the parasympathetic nervous system on command, restore hair color with tapping, having a New York Times bestseller, a second home on the Monterey Peninsula, a call center for folks to access tapping real time and a Toyota Tundra.

Resistance is one of the first things that came up when I considered building a consistent habit of dreaming big today...negative self talk.. "Yeah right, dream big." It was loud and clear. "Stop pursuing this course of action, it's fruitless, you'll be disappointed and get hurt." I was bummed in the middle of the day, twisted up with a crummy attitude. Then I realized my error--I listened to the negative self talk and gave in to resistance. Whaalaa, the source of my declining attitude toward dreaming big was simply resistance; an ancient default to keep me safe.

"It's bunk, Mary. You fell for the negative self talk." My alter ego, MC Hammer (MC for Mary Cassidy) sternly tells me to take one tiny action showing that I give myself permission to dream big. And then commit to doing it again tomorrow and the next day and the next. 1% increase daily in dreaming big and massive gains are sure to follow. 1%. Think about it.

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