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There's beauty in being unique and different!

This is going to seem like a silly question, but have you ever seen two seashells that look exactly alike? Well of course not! They’re as beautifully unique as any one of us. Now let me ask you this: are you doing things a little differently than all your industry peers? You should be--You're you!

I know I’m doing things differently from my colleagues and practitioner friends. For example, in addition to client sessions, I'm researching how to use tapping to restore hair color and using myself as a guinea pig. If tapping can be used to neurologically shift hair follicles to produce pigment once again, imagine the ramifications in other areas of health and science! But not everybody has an interest in the big picture possibilities of using tapping to restore balance in the body-mind system. That’s what makes MC Integrative Wellness so special--it's our style. The science behind tapping proves that tapping is effective on all kinds of stress-related situations to restore balance, so why not try it on other issues?

Now think about the unique things that you do well; jot them down if you have time or just catalog them in your mind. Pause and look at what you bring to the table. If you have a tendency to compete with others in your mind or compare yourself to others, perhaps a break in that pattern will give you clarity and a much needed respite from judgement. Keep doing your one-of-a-kind way! It’s what makes this world beautiful!

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