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Tapping tools for Anxiety

Anxiety. We all know what it is...feelings of worry, nervousness or unease that can be brought on by stress from work, home, finances, health issues, parenting, pandemic, politics and so much more. We know that we live in stress-filled times, but what are some quick options to diffuse it in the moment? I do finger tapping daily as I do my two 45 minute walks. It resets the system, is easy to use and works great to create a feeling of calm inside. I barely realize I'm doing it--it's become a default behavior. Maybe that's why I crave walking lately! See the short video below for how to do finger tapping.

When I feel "stuck" and can't quite shift anxiety and it's lasting for over an hour, I double check to make sure I've taken all of my supplements. I ask if there's anything that's bothering me that needs to be addressed, some conversation that needs to happen or an apology that needs to be made so my mind and heart are clear. For me, Gaba can cause anxiety in my body if I've been taking it regularly and then stop. Next, if possible, I'll make time to do a "self-session" and tap on the feelings of worry, concern or unease. When I first learned about tapping, I found a gazillion videos on YouTube and simply tapped along with them. I have a few on YouTube along with a host of others.

If anxiety continues after all that, I usually call one of my tapping friends and ask them for a session to clear whatever is coming up. It's okay for me to ask for help these days, and to "not know" where the feelings are coming from. I simply want to release the unproductive emotion and get on with my day.

Of course, this blog is intended for situational anxiety and not for those struggling with a mental health diagnosis of anxiety. Contacting your health care provider for guidance is essential in these situations.

For me however, finger and meridian tapping help me to feel better fast and regain my equilibrium. It's a pleasure now to self-manage emotion which used to disrupt my mind and life for extended periods of time. I feel relief and gratitude that I learned to tap. Now, it's my mission to help others. Message me if you have questions about learning to tap, or if I can be of assistance in this regard.

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