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MC Integrative Wellness & Tap Out Stress


Life Coach, Stress Relief Expert & Wellness Trainer, Mary and her team help busy people de-stress lightning fast with wellness tools that work. 


Mary Cassidy, Owner of MC Integrative Wellness, is a Level IV FasterEFT practitioner who studied integrative wellness & numerous healing modalities to resolve her own PTSD, anxiety, grief, loss, insulin resistance, low blood sugar issues & other problems from the past. Since 2011, Mary has successfully used and coached with the FasterEFT meridian tapping method. In 2021 Mary became familiar with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model which is "a new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonizing the mind and thereby, larger human systems." IFS has radically informed our work with deeper compassion and clarity, enabling quicker, more elegant relief for our clients.

MC Integrative Wellness practitioners help people around the world to release physical and emotional distress with tapping. We coach clients to address "the structure" of a problem by identifying how it is produced in the mind and body with pictures, movies, sounds, dialog and feelings. Then the coach guides the client to "tap" on that negative picture, feeling, sound or movie and it changes.  The stress previously experienced decreases or disappears. In 2021, after including the Internal Family Systems paradigm to our practice, we added Havening. It is a psycho sensory process created by Dr. Ronald Ruden, also proven to clear limiting beliefs and experiences similar to tapping.

Tapping and havening both produce delta waves in the brain which Dr. Ruden's evidence shows can dissolve the chemical bonds of traumatic memory archived in the amygdala and effectively delete it. This is similar to the process of setting a system restore point on your computer. Identify an issue from the past that needs to change, tap or do havening while thinking or talking about it, and Voila! a new "restore point" is created. Peace and calm replace stress around that particular incident. People feel better, stronger and more empowered.  Questions? Call or text 406-223-2359 to schedule a no-risk, complimentary discovery session.     


          Freedom is in Your hands.















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Personal and Corporate Success Coach

Educator and Keynote Speaker

Author of Crush Your Obstacles series

FEFT Level IV Practitioner, Skills to Change Institute

​BodyTalk Practitioner

BA Fine Art, Vermont College of Norwich University

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Freedom. In your hands.
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