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 Life Coach, Stress Relief Expert & Wellness Trainer, Mary helps busy people de-stress lightning fast with wellness tools that work. Tap Out Stress is our flagship brand and easily captures the attention and description of the tapping change-work we do. Yet as we refine our corporate mission and vision in 2020, exciting growth is on the horizon, which leads to MC Integrative Wellness, our LLC corporate umbrella.


This year, in addition to our 1:1 and group session packages, we are developing Personal & Coach Practitioner assessment tools to identify wellness strengths & challenges, along with cutting edge "gap-fill" content. Our growth includes webinars, training programs & products combined with Certified Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coaching. Why? Because my mom, Mary Coffey Pierson, died in April, 2018 of Alzheimer's. Her maternal aunt also died of the disease. How does that happen and what we can do to prevent it? Insulin Resistance is the answer that keeps rising to the surface. As a result, we've expanded our scope of services to address this little known health crisis that could affect as many as 1 in 3 Americans. Insulin resistance is a wide spread health concern compromising brain, heart and vascular function in devastating ways.  


Adopting a "healthy" keto lifestyle as Dr. Eric Berg trains, (7-10 cups of vegetables per day) along with moderate protein, low carbs and good healthy fats is a profoundly effective way to flip from insulin resistance to healthy insulin. Add tapping and intermittent fasting to the mix and the health effects are exponentially increased. More to come on that topic...but spoiler alert! Some research  is hypothesizing that Alzheimer's might be named Type 3 Diabetes in the future, which is triggered by insulin resistance and "insulin-like growth factor dysfunction that occurs specifically in the brain." (

Mary Cassidy, Owner of MC Integrative Wellness, is a Level IV FasterEFT practitioner who studied integrative wellness & numerous healing modalities to resolve PTSD, anxiety, grief, loss, insulin resistance, low blood sugar issues & other problems from the past. Since 2011, Mary has used the FasterEFT meridian tapping method created by Robert G. Smith. It is extraordinarily effective in relieving stress and she wants to share it with you! Now we are also using EFT/FasterEFT to "tap" into keto, intermittent fasting and healthy insulin by removing behavioral blocks to this amazing health opportunity. While it takes a bit to get used to, the healthy keto lifestyle transforms mind and body, restoring function & capacity unlike any other wellness choice.

Mary and MC Integrative Wellness practitioners help people around the world to release physical and emotional distress with tapping. When we tap, we address "the structure" of a problem by identifying how it is produced in the mind--usually with Pictures, Movies, Sounds, Dialog and Feelings. Once the structure of a problem is identified and we "tap on it", the problem is altered at the neurological level, and the outcome changes. Stress is released.  Calm fills the mind & peace floods the body.

We believe that the tapping process is an "intellectual approach" to releasing feelings and emotion. It's like creating  a system restore point on your internal computer. You identify an issue that you want to change, tap it out and the tapping process releases old data that are no longer pertinent or useful (negative beliefs, feelings and memories). Voila! A new "restore point" is created. Peace and calm replace stress, and people feel better, stronger, more empowered.  Invest in yourself! Call or text 406-223-2359 to schedule a no-risk, complimentary discovery session and,  Learn to TAP!       


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Personal and Corporate Success Coach

Educator and Keynote Speaker

Author of Crush Your Obstacles series

FEFT Level IV Practitioner, Skills to Change Institute

​BodyTalk Practitioner

BA Fine Art, Vermont College of Norwich University

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