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Restarting #75 Hard

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Last night I was 7 hours into a fast. I've been normalizing intermittent fasting and was quite pleased with my evening progress. That's usually my hardest fasting time. My three keto #keto meals were done for the day and I felt great. My gallon of water was down, workout sessions complete and readings were done. I was on a roll. Then, around 9 pm, while I was getting a club soda from the fridge, I looked to my left and saw the Omega 3 jar of supplements and thought, "I should take one of those, my brain probably needs Omega's." I popped one in my mouth, slugged down the club soda and bam. It got stuck. I drank the whole can and a bunch more water, but it wouldn't budge. My airway was not compromised, but I could feel it in there...supplement coatings can be sticky when wet.

I had a decision to make. Wait to see if the gold-colored horse pill would unstick from my throat by ingesting a ton of liquid or eat something to push it down. Problem is, eating something would be considered a cheat meal and I'd blow my 24 days into #75 hard.

Physically I wasn't too panicky, I'd been in this place before a few months ago. In February, I hadn't taken my supplements yet, was fasting, driving up the road and decided to down 4-5 at once. Same thing happened. One of them got stuck. I drank a ton of water and club soda and then ate salami and cheese (breaking my fast but staying within keto parameters.) I went and sat in the parking lot of the hospital because I'd taken ox bile and Betaine HCL to help process proteins and wasn't sure if one of those was jammed. Having either of those two supplements stuck in my craw, opening whenever the casing melted, created an awfully bad scene in my head. I even went and sat inside the hospital. I was pretty panicky about what "could happen." After 45 minutes, I felt it move and slowly dislodge, so I left the hospital knowing everything was okay.

Long story short, last night after 40 minutes of trying to get the stuck pill down, I ate something, broke my fast and my #75Hard protocol and pushed that darned Omega 3 down my throat. It ended well with the exception of failing #75Hard, I was very disappointed.

In the morning, I was grateful that I chose self-care instead of stubborn pride and did a tapping session around my history of choking. Big picture, I'm okay. I can restart #75hard and probably not take HUGE supplements in the future. But after I finish my tapping work around choking, I bet Omega 3's won't be a problem for me. I'll report back, but I fully expect that my "habit" of choking will be released as I release the hospital memory from February along with a childhood memory of choking on a butterscotch hard candy. My airway was blocked, and my mom did the Heimlich. It was a trauma memory. Tapping #efttapping #fastereft #eutaptics works great for recurrent negative experiences and trauma memories (check with your health care provider.) I'm ready to let go of this history of choking and everything that I've made it mean. And the big picture goal of #75 Hard is to build mental toughness and discipline. I've definitely got good momentum with it and I'm happy to report I'm on Day 1 #75 Hard and proud of it.

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1 Comment

Nicola Vitkovich
Jul 29, 2020

You're a strong, inspiring soul Mary! Thank you for sharing this and your strategies to effectively move beyond the speed bumps.

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