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Turtles and other misc. thoughts

Turtles hide in their shells because they're threatened, scared or need to rest. I've "turtled" for many years and am learning to pop my head out. I have to connect and grow not only my business, but my life in general. I have to expand my circle. What better time to do it than during the first annual "Habit Stacking Self-Care" Month--July, 2020 #selfcare? It's a new event I created for folks who are building a habit of consciously taking care of the person that lives inside their skin...myself included.

Since no predators lurk in the landscape, waiting to devour an unsuspecting turtle like me, I'm exiting the shell today and sharing my thoughts. During this month, I've done one thing every day that scares me. I am definitely outside my comfort zone, #comfortzone but it's getting easier because I'm taking baby steps #babysteps. "Courageous vulnerability Mary, courageous vulnerability" is my mantra #courageousvulnerability. It's a term coined by Brene Brown, a research professional at the University of Houston who has studied courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy for the past twenty years. She's one of my heroes.

Here are some of the courageous things I've done this month. I started writing this blog. I joined "Sisters on the Fly" so I can build the "boldness muscle" and learn to travel alone, camping around the country. I've consistently gone to the chiropractor for C1 and C2 issues. It's not surprising that I have neck issues this month, since I'm sticking my neck out so much! I've scheduled a massage, if we're still open in Montana in a couple weeks. I've made sit down dinners for myself, when I'd normally eat on the run or standing at the kitchen counter.

I've listened to music, meditations and podcasts that inspire and urge me to grow beyond self imposed limits. I've read books like Atomic Habits and posted daily on Instagram and Facebook, in spite of fear and insecurities. I started a mental toughness program called #75 Hard #75hard and am thrilled with the structure of exercise, learning, water drinking and the consistency that it teaches. Last, but not least, I've broken the code of silence: Don't talk, Don't trust and Don't feel. Instead of running from vulnerability, I turn toward it. I get curious and ask what my thoughts or feelings are about. This curiosity is coupled with compassion and kindness, which makes it possible for me to emerge. While hiding in a shell served it's purpose for a long while, I can come out now because I am safe. It's work, but I know it's good for me. I am a better human being. Woman. Mother. Grandmother. Entrepreneur. Friend. Coach. Trainer. Writer. Author.

What about you--are you turtling? What would it take for you to feel safe enough to stick your neck out today and leave the shell?

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