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Suspend Yourself!

Suspend: Temporarily stop

Disbelief: Refusing to accept

Yourself: You personally

Habit Stacking Self Care July 2020 is well underway and a smashing success thus far. One of the biggest ah-ha's has been to suspend disbelief in myself for a month. I didn't realize it before this challenge, but I can give myself a pretty hard time. It shows up in my self-talk. As a result, I'm being kind and supportive, saying things like: How are you doing Mary? What can I do to help you? You did a great job on such and such. You've got this! I have complete confidence in you! Where are you stuck--can I help? What would make you happy right now? What made you sad about that? Where would you like to go on our walk? Can we try something new, together?

I'm asking quality questions and actively listening to my responses. This builds trust with a person I used to take for In turn, I'm happier; my heart is lighter and I have a different kind of spring in my step. I like to think that I'm routinely kind and generous to others, but can it truly happen at fundamental levels if we don't extend the same generosity to ourselves? I don't think so but we can try...and we do try to do our best.

Suspending disbelief #suspenddisbelief is also adopting an "It's possible" attitude. I traditionally have optimism for others, but I never consciously projected hope, confidence and faith in successful outcomes for Mary. It's a stunning mindset shift; one that my coaches have invited me to consider for a while. Temporarily pausing lack of acceptance toward self enables me to build a genuine connection #genuineconnection and program of self care. I hope I never stop habit stacking like this--it feels powerful!

I'm on day 16 of #75hard and it's transforming my life too. New habits are growing: exercising twice a day, (finally) drinking enough water every day, reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book, follow a food plan, no cheat meals or alcohol and a daily selfie to document progress. How do I know it's transforming my life? I'm doing the #75hard program and...

  1. I'm adding additional habits that I've wanted to start for years, such as writing a short blog every day, washing my face everyday with a nice kind of healthy soap (hate to admit this one) and brushing my teeth at least twice a day--morning and night. I was great with morning care, but falling into bed, completely exhausted, without brushing my teeth was a habit I had developed. Another thing I'm doing is flossing my teeth. I know...hate to admit that one too. But there it is. Also, I immediately jump out of bed when I awaken to start my day, I'm consistently meditating, I'm consistently showing up for my business in new ways.

  2. I feel and look better. Confidence is growing from the inside out and I am thrilled that I joined the #75hard mental toughness program.

  3. I'm finishing books now instead of just starting them.

  4. I can feel myself growing.

All this from temporarily suspending disbelief in myself. Who could you be if you suspend disbelief about yourself?

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